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Happy idiots plunder Washington D.C.

June 22, 2014

Time is running short for those seeking their fortune in Washington D.C. now. Times of peril approach with the 2014 elections. This is a time when lobbyists may lose Senators and Representatives they owned. The tides may shift and new Republicans and Democrats may get elected. The demands of loyalty from the short term president will fall on deaf ears.

The country is restless and speaking out against those who seek personal fortune in office. There are a few voters who actually want elections to matter. There are a lot of voters who don’t trust how we are being governed. I don’t know of anyone who is happy with where we are going as a country. Happiness is a goal for the common folk. The wealthy always need more wealth and power.

The lobbyists, lawyers, courtiers, courtesans, and commercial news media all seek more wealth, power, and stature among the thieves and scoundrels selling favors in our government. The time is short, and the natives are growing restless. So expect swift agreements and a bloated budget. Don’t expect any investigating or reporting on this thievery of our treasury. The wise reporters are aware of the dangers of revealing the truth. The rookie reporters are permitted to ruin their futures chasing shadows.

Now the lies will grow in volume. Expect speeches imploring us voters to ignore what we know, to believe the new lies. Best of all, we will be told on how things are better now?!

No apologies  or shades of gray on the truth! I am too simple to be fooled.

No apologies or shades of gray on the truth! I am too simple to be fooled.

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