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Why are kids jumping border?

June 17, 2014

Everybody seems baffled on why all these kids are coming across the border! How about asking the kids that are crammed into the USA Homeland buildings in Texas? They can talk can’t they?

The brilliant crew in the White House seem baffled and concerned on why oh why are we getting a lot of kids now? Those of us who believe fairy tales know. Grimm had a story that fits. “The Pied Piper of Hamlin”

The town was over run by rats and could not eradicate with cats or clubs to bash rat heads. Desperate to solve this infestation, they agreed to hire the Pied Piper who would lead those rats far away by his piping a tune. He was hired and promised to be paid when work done.

After his work was done, the government officials refused to pay. The Piper changed his tune. He played a tune that drew out all of the children to follow him away from town forever. The White House claims that a Pied Piper is drawing all these children across Mexico border now! Maybe South America families want to get into USA knowing kids don’t get kicked out without applying by immigration! Welcome to disease carried by kids not kept in quarantine!

We are happy so many illegal alien kids are coming here!

We praise these illegal alien kids as CHAMPIONS OF CHANGE!

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