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Iran people suffer USA incompetence

June 16, 2014

The Ayatollah is not popular in Iran. The people were protesting years ago and waiting in vain for the USA to give them some support for a republic. We waited and watched but Obama did not even put out any statement of support for the people of Iran. So of course, the people of Iran are suffering with no hope.

USA may NEED to make a deal with Iran because Iraq exit strategy of USA led to Sunni conquest of that country. We can’t be that stupid or desperate! Iran is building nuclear weapons with missiles from North Korea to attack Israel. Needing help from Iran defines the incompetence and complete stupidity of our fearless leader. We won’t use our military troops, just because it would show that the exit strategy was a failure. But, we might rely on a leadership in Iran that vows to destroy the USA?

More importantly, the countries around the world are watching our leadership fumble and stumble on every problem. Saudi Arabia is one of our oldest allies in the Middle East, as well as Kuwait that we saved from conquest by Iraq under Saddam Hussein. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait do not want Iran to become nuclear threat, and are alarmed at USA lack of action on stopping Iran nuclear weapons. China and Russia see more weakness and continue to squeeze harder for territory they want now.

Our good will and respect from removing Saddam Hussein from Iraq are now a distant memory. Our allies will start to make deals with China and Russia as well as Iran, since the USA is not reliable or trust worthy in our alliances. Our military gave their lives, and their limbs when called upon. Now our military sees these sacrifices were thrown away. What is the morale and conviction of our troops to answer the call to battle in the future?

If there is an arrangement with Iran by the USA, then we know that our republic is in jeopardy. If we do not hold principles sacred, then we have betrayed our heritage for cowardice. John Kerry will consider himself brilliant for some “deal” with Iran on Iraq. Susan Rice will go on the Sunday talk shows claiming victory in a trustworthy ally in Iran.

There would have been no disaster in Iraq if we kept forces as our military leadership pleaded Obama. Of course, our chief executive knows more than his military that won the war. Now the people of Iraq are dying by our poor decision. Will Obama elevate the evil leadership of Iran into bragging how Iran saved Iraq at the pleading of USA?

Kerry aka "Lurch" bribing Morsi with jet fighters and deadly weapons. Then Egypt people threw him out!

Kerry aka “Lurch” bribing Morsi with jet fighters and deadly weapons. Then Egypt people threw him out!

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  1. Kip permalink
    June 16, 2014 9:54 am

    I see your error. It was not Obama’s prerogative to remove our forces from Iraq. He had no choice but to abide by the Bush peace agreement. No, I’m not playing the blame Bush game, I think Bush did the right thing.

    • hoboduke permalink*
      June 16, 2014 10:57 am

      Our laws do not seem to compel our current president to follow enforcing our laws. Video of Bush in 2007 declared his policy that our military needed to remain in Iraq as a necessary precaution against what is happening today.
      President was eager to leave Iraq in the rear view mirror and welcomed the cover of an agreement to let him run away from Iraq. Our military did not get a say in the exit plan.

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