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Sunni conquest of Iraq exaggerated.

June 15, 2014

Seems like the good old days when we had a video to blame for Benghazi!

Seems like the good old days when we had a video to blame for Benghazi!

President Carter had the Iran hostage crisis at the end of his presidency. Our fearless leader has left our embassy staff in Baghdad as bait for the Sunni terrorists. I wouldn’t feel real optimistic if I was in the Baghdad embassy. Remember Benghazi? Can we expect a “stand down” order for the military in the embassy to surrender? Plus we already gave away the important terrorists in the Bergdahl trade. What do have left to trade?

The Twitter campaign of Michelle for the kidnapped Nigerian school girls was very effective. Nothing has happened but everybody felt good with their Tweets holding stupid signs about bring our girls back. We can only hope that she will be just as effective on her Baghdad Twitter campaign?

For some odd reason, our NATO allies are really concerned on how the USA is again missing any meaningful or swift response. They discovered a pattern of behavior of our White House to be too deliberate. France has a lot of energy investments in Iraq. Our president still is in no rush to approve the Canada pipeline Keystone to increase oil supply in North America. It has only been 5 years in review, and repeated review, and delays on reviewing the repeated review. Canada knows that Obama pledged a swift decision for approval of pipeline in 2012 campaigning against Romney.

Anyway, our National Security Advisor Susan Rice has been oddly silent on this national security blunder. She has not shown up at every Sunday news program as she did for Benghazi killings spurred by some video nobody saw. We know that with Susan will review our experience from the Iran hostage scenario to guide our president right into another disaster.

The US military killed in Iraq and permanently disabled followed orders and gave their full measure of devotion. The military have no voice in the Security Advisor office because those folks know it all without any combat veterans help. We are waiting to learn the amount of time all the options will be reviewed and consulted with international consensus.

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