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BO says what?

June 12, 2014

Our fearless leader has shared words of wisdom with us simple folk. I had to pick up a few of these words because they are pearls worth keeping!

We have not heard these words recently; “shovel ready jobs”? I am not sure why he has abandoned these well worn words. When people look for employment, I always look under SHOVEL. The historians may find it odd that this president in the 21st century talks of job skills from the 18th century.

We know that our president wants everyone to know that he will never put “boots on the ground”! Since BO is the architect on our departure from Iraq, he can say we do not have boots on the ground anymore. Wait a minute! Terrorists on Jihad are over running Iraq right now! So all the money spent, all the wounded and dead from the USA is just sand in the desert.

WAIT A MINUTE! Joe Biden wants to be heard. We don’t know why but Joe said IRAQ foreign policy is the greatest achievement of President Obama. On February 11, 2010 Joe on television was crowing on what they have done in Iraq. It might be time to eat crow. A lot of the families who lost over 4,200 sons and daughters probably will wonder if these deaths are a cruel betrayal by our government. Now Joe is talking about sending troops BACK INTO IRAQ after they lost the country?! Does that mean the dreaded phrase “boots on the ground”?

For some odd reason Obama was talking about fox holes today. He thinks Aussies are great fighters, and welcome Aussies into his fox hole. Kind of bizarre comment, and I can’t imagine Obama inviting soldiers into his fox hole! So we think the English and Canadian soldiers are not welcome into his fox hole?

IF we do go back into Iraq, now that the country is lost, then Obama will declare the exit date right now when we are leaving. That is a great way to win a war! He is a military genius, in his own mind.

We won the war in IRAQ!

We won the war in IRAQ!

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