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WE THE PEOPLE vote for Brat to restore sanity!

June 11, 2014

The policies and the priorities of our White House are scaring a lot of us citizens. Children are being dumped into our country, and we are keeping them?! Our jobless “recovery” focused contracts and regulations helping companies of wealthy lobbyists. We set a record on our military dead and wounded under Obama rules of engagement in combat. Oh yeah, we turn over killers from our 9/11/2001 attack back to Taliban!

We can take back our country!

We can take back our country!

Professional politicians know the problems are so complex, that we simple folk can’t understand the stupid laws and the dumb failures of government. After a while, we just get tired of being told that we can’t understand why we do not get the government we want. Even the alternative groups like Tea Party thought Brat had NO CHANCE to oust Cantor. Brat just kept plugging along with local folks to claim their right to representation.

I salute the voters in Virginia. I welcome Brat changing the election debate. We are not forced to endorse “hope and change” or “reform immigration” as the priorities of government. We know the problems in the USA are created by the laws and the regulations recently added to “help us”. We don’t need the government to help us. We need the government to STOP HURTING USA!

Commercial news media, and the smart political “experts” ignored Brat. Cantor was going to win according to the folks in the know. Well, the political power brokers don’t know WE THE PEOPLE in the USA anymore! You can ignore WE THE PEOPLE. You can claim WE THE PEOPLE are stupid. However, WE THE PEOPLE know when the ship of state is going nowhere.

We don’t need slogans. We need choices and a review on the excess of government wasting our tax money.

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