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refugee children overwhelming USA

June 7, 2014

The world was in upheaval after World War II with displaced people and orphaned children. The USA had a cohesive plan that responded with a coordinated program. Immigration permits were in order, and immediate aid was provided for those outside waiting with no resources. My parents were legal immigrants that came here after the war.

Conflict and turmoil in the world have parents shipping their children from Honduras and other countries to illegally enter the USA. Our coordinated response is beyond a joke. Homeland security transfer these children and other illegal aliens by plane and bus around the USA! That is a plan? How is that helping these people that arrive with nothing?

So our local towns people will have beggar children in their streets seeking hand outs? Our local churches need to tend to these? What is the government coordinated program at the federal level? Why do the states get the problems of a federal failure on border security?

On a selfish level, how many cases of TB, contagious disease, and emergency care patients will be dumped into our health system? We don’t have time for a comprehensive review by the president’s endless special task forces. WHAT IS GOING TO BE DONE NOW? We are getting silence and nobody willing to address a humanitarian crisis now in our country.

The state of Arizona see foreign children pouring into their cities. No notice from the government on this program. No plan of action from the federal government. Our government in Washington D.C. is not working for the USA. They shove their problems onto the states, and blame the states for the problems created by the federal incompetence.

The world was in chaos after the world war and the USA set up a organized system of aid and immigration. The only chaos now is in our federal government that wants to blame everybody for any federal failures.

Governor Brewer of Arizona is being flooded with federal release of illegal immigrants.

Governor Brewer of Arizona is being flooded with federal release of illegal immigrants.

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  1. hocuspocus13 permalink
    June 7, 2014 11:56 am

    It’s dumped on the States

    So take action

    Do what’s best for the American citizens




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