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Stop trying to help us!

June 6, 2014

This month of June in the year of our Lord 2014, the USA has eliminated the jobs lost 5 years ago. No parade or celebrations are planned. We have added 10 million new working citizens in those 5 years. We need 10 million more jobs and we still have unemployment over 6%.

Lets put this in perspective. An old retired actor inherited the Carter recession and had replaced all jobs lost in 11 months. Let me use the new punch line of Democrats Clinton and Reid; “What’s the difference?!” To answer the problem of our recession now, our president Obama had his brilliant college professors try to help the recovery. Remember his “Jobs Czar” that disappeared without a ripple of notice? Remember the stimulus that would add Obama’s archaic “shovel ready jobs”? After 5 years his meddling made it worse! President Reagan doing nothing more than tax cuts killed unemployment in 11 months. (Oh yeah, he got our hostages released from Iran without releasing terrorists held in jail!)

So what we already know, the USA would be better off if we kept our president on permanent vacation and golfing. We don’t need a pep rally class president. We need a president like Reagan. He wasn’t perfect, but he never was arrogant and he did negotiate with all political opponents before a new policy went into effect.

Reagan trusted citizens to know more than him!

Reagan trusted citizens to know more than him!

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