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Do you get rain by your home?

May 30, 2014

Environmental Protection Agency has some new regulations to take over every piece of property in USA! If it rains by your home on any day, then you do not have any say on your own home? YES! If there is any rain water at any time on your property, then you needs permits from the EPA to do anything! Absurd lunacy is what I see in our current White House. EPA needs to save rain water from every home owner polluting and poisoning our water! I could not dream up this joke, but I do suggest that all rain water should be collected and sent to EPA bureaucrats to drown themselves.

Permit process to get approval or denial on installing a bird bath can take 10 years and thousands of dollars in permit hearings. That is water torture to drive away property rights of every home owner.

There are Senate and Congressional hearings to be held. I am contacting both my Representative and my Senators so they know that my financial support and vote depend on them killing this EPA lunacy! Get with this too, unless you welcome EPA oversight on your home.

We are the idiots that want the EPA taking over!

We are the idiots that want the EPA taking over!

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