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West Point cadets did graduate!

May 29, 2014

Our new generation of West Point cadets deserve special recognition. Dedication to excel in studies, and a commitment to serve the USA in the military as young leaders are worthy of praise. Their graduation ceremony deserves a celebration of their achievements. Of course, our president wasted such a special occasion to ramble and amble through the wreckage of failed diplomacy from the last 5 years.

What the cadets have observed of our leadership would make me drop out of West Point. They have endured Lesbian Gay Transgender indoctrination. They have been taught that Christian religion is extremist and a hot bed of terrorism. They see that Muslim religion is mandatory training. Veteran Affairs treatment of suffering veterans does not inspire confidence in promises pledged on military sacrifice.

The cadets have shown courtesy and restraint in enduring the fantasy world speech of our fearless leader. There was a pile of mush speech praising “international law”? What law? Whose law? United Nations laws? Individual nation laws? It was incoherent and incredibly boring speech to extinguish the flame of enthusiasm on young leaders.

The cadets were polite and pretended to hang on every word. They were waiting for the speech to end! I can promise these cadets that their future will be a lot brighter in 2017!

We were fortunate to have a leader like Eisenhower!

We were fortunate to have a leader like Eisenhower!

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