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Forgotten generation in USA?

May 28, 2014

The Millennial generation are at a stage of life to take charge. They know the lies, empty promises, and problems that are challenging them on a daily basis. They are beginning to discover the failures of those elected to lead our country.
The problem is that our current leadership has no foundation in values that do not shift with public opinion. The moral compass that guides each one of us is not based on popularity polls. Anyone who lives their life to be “popular” is on a fool’s errand. A real leader will not appease, pretend to be ignorant of failures, or only pretend to take charge when the polls show the public question his leadership.
If you listen to speeches of our president, then you don’t know there is a millennial generation in our country. These are the leaders and foundation of our future. These are the ignored and patronized citizens who do not merit much attention of our president.
This is the generation that has volunteered in military service and faced combat in response to the 9/11/2001 attack on the USA. My son and his buddies have been in combat. My son has lost buddies in battle. My son has buddies that have lost limbs and are struggling to adjust with what they experienced in battle.
I am tired of the endless focus on baby boomers. We have had the limelight longer than needed. Our future are my sons and their buddies. The strength of our economy to provide growth in product and innovations needs to be helped instead of tied down with EPA, OSHA, IRS, and meddling by amateurs in Washington D.C. Our country can have dynamic growth. GET OUT OF OUR WAY trying to help with more laws!?
Now is the time to recognize the vitality of our future relies upon millennial aged couples and families.
Our country has a great generation that faced war, economic hardships, and a grim future at this point. We don’t need speeches. We need to take action to help and support this great generation. I am proud of my sons and their buddies. They are entitled to have fun and see promise in their future! They are entitled to enjoy life, and have hope!

My son back from Iraq at Glacier Park with buddies.

My son back from Iraq at Glacier Park with buddies.

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