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Obama giving USA gas pains?

May 24, 2014

Our chili cheese dog president knows a lot about gas pains. One of his revelations was our endless supply of swamp gas for our energy independence? How come we don’t hear anymore about this brilliant answer to our energy supply? Probably was a pretty stupid idea, as most of his “solutions”.
Anyway, this holiday weekend a lot us are filling up our boat gas tanks to fish or play on a lake. On my lake, there are boaters but not as many as back in 2008. What happened? We got a new president after 2008 who mucked up our energy industry.
This man is so confused. Just think about the mass confusion on government oversight on BP oil well leak in deep water of gulf! States that were preparing for the oil slick had equipment confiscated by our federal government for some other states.
Of course, the political beach ball of “Keystone pipeline” keeps rolling around. 5 years and our fearless leader still wants more reports and reviews before deciding? He can run from a funeral to attend a fund raiser within a couple of hours. But it takes 5 years to make a decision?
We are grateful that states are developing their private and state lands for oil and natural gas. The federal land permits take 10 years and millions of dollars of cost before getting one. This bureaucrat Chinese water torture process has as much chance of success like trying to capture a unicorn

Cruel joke of mad gas station owner!

Cruel joke of mad gas station owner!

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