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Fearless Leader is really mad!

May 21, 2014

I used to work for a very tough President who had a very tough Chairman of the Board. This president had a nickname that was the fear he inspired. “Psycho nitro” could explode in anger and somebody gets fired on the spot. He was not stupid or uninformed. He poured through reports, checked spelling and grammar believe it or not, as well. If he thought the report was bullshit, then you got to spend some quality time defending your report. If you survived the meeting, then you revised the report to fix the grammar, spelling, and errors in charts.
The Chairman of the board was a tall imposing dour looking man Mr. Knox. He selected Ed as president based on his proficiency and fire to grow our company. Plus the new owners wanted fresh blood, and Ed was 25 years younger than Mr. Knox. So having a young aggressive president, would assure Mr. Knox that he would become wealthy with sale of the company stock to Mobil.
Everyone respected and had fear of these executives. I enjoyed the challenge of being quite often in their company since I was a VP of sales on 2 of the major clients for the firm. Either one of these gentlemen would not be qualified to become President of the United States. However, either one of these gentlemen would not claim that the first they learned about a problem is reading it in a newspaper!? They took pride in having pipelines of information from many sources to cross check information for their reassurance.
Anyway, our president again claims he learned about the Veterans Administration problems by reading the news! Our president would have been fired by Ed or Mr. Knox with that excuse. Will our president tell us that he first learned of Russia invading Alaska by watching the evening news?
The VA reports are based on managers cooking the books to qualify for bonus money. The crooked record keeping was never audited or double checked? REALLY? No manager relies upon staff reports alone. The audit is conducted by accountants that don’t have a sense of humor. Plus the legal department starts asking questions if some information appears purposely misleading. What president accepts a single staff meeting of 60 minutes as covering verification of information?
Our president does not want to work. He does not want to actually exert himself in delving into the role as chief executive! He is not an executive in any sense of the word in the USA I know.

So you mean the report was not accurate?  I am mad!

So you mean the report was not accurate? I am mad!

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