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Uncle Sam where are you?

May 17, 2014

The USA is looking for a leader. Terrorists and killers do not care about Tweets. The drug cartel invading our country don’t worry much about Homeland Security. Memorial Day weekend is coming up. Besides the too many who died the last 5 years, we are sending too many veterans into the cemetery with the Veterans Administration management.

We can’t blame our president. The commercial news media don’t want to investigate any of these problems. Anybody who points out the incredible incompetence of our president is a racist.

The world wonders what happened to the USA? We have a great country that appears lost and powerless. Our allies know they cannot rely on USA. China still wants the wealth of Viet Nam. China still wants to get more from Japan. Russia still wants the territory they claimed after WWII. North Korea never lost their war, and never stopped their war. USA allowed Russia to set the rules for Syria and Iran agreements.

We the people know that our country is not represented by our White House. We the people need to look out for ourselves, and help our neighbors.

Don't ask for permission from your mortal enemies.

Don’t ask for permission from your mortal enemies.

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