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Mexico is smarter than USA using militia!

May 11, 2014

Our president can be congratulated on Eric Holder sending illegal weapons to the Mexican drug cartel killers into Mexico! Mexico is arming their own militia with government automatic weapons for ranchers and farmers to kill drug cartel. The farmers and ranchers might kill some folks by mistake, but the blood bath by drug cartel has to be stopped somehow!

The USA Homeland Security team has their hands tied by our current president. It’s time to let the armed militia along the border work just like the ranchers and farmers on the Mexican side of border! Homeland Security have their arms tied and blindfolds on them by our government. It’s time to let the citizens of USA on the border protect their security.

Eric Holder seems preoccupied investigating the killers from Benghazi, and the IRS persecution of TEA party organizations. We can make his job easier by taking over this nuisance job so he’s not distracted.

The drug cartel mask themselves in a religious name “knights Templar” from the Catholic Crusades. The drug group “knights” are killers without a soul and have no connection to the Catholic church. Of course our commercial news media will be confused and report the drug killers as a Catholic group, I’m sure.

Mexico prefers to shoot the drug cartel than arrest them.

Mexico prefers to shoot the drug cartel than arrest them.

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