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Enjoy Curly’s Pub at Lambeau Field

May 10, 2014

Green Bay Wisconsin represents the best of our country. The people here are hard working, and expect to get paid well. The infamous Koch brothers who own the Georgia Pacific paper products company have come to learn this. They wanted to reduce the highly paid work force and reduce investments for updating the very old equipment. Guess what? The people here have the plants humming and setting efficiency output that beats state of art mechanized wonders in southern states. After paying MORE for the labor rates, and the extra shipping expense to distribute, the delivered product is still cheaper. They are increasing investment in Green Bay because you can’t beat success!

We got hard working, and smart working folks. We won’t work cheap, but you get your money’s worth here. Anyway, the Green Bay Packers organization reflects our personality here. Curly Lambeau is a legend. He was a innovator in football. He is beloved despite his personal flaws because he was stubborn enough to keep pushing professional football from very humble beginnings. The ACME PACKERS were sponsored by a meat packing company. Green Bay is a major butcher center for cattle because we like to eat steaks and bacon out here!

The new Lambeau Field is awesome, but not awesome enough. A major expansion and improvements on this new Packers field is underway. We went to Curly’s Pub last night for a celebration. Marcus left Big Sky Resort after working the season with 2 of his new buddies who worked with him. Ben from New Zealand and Bob from Long Island stopped in Green Bay to see “Titletown” USA! Of course we invited them to dinner for Green Bay version of Wisconsin food & beer.

You get a lot of food no matter what you order. You get Wisconsin food and no apologies. I ordered a couple of baskets of fried cheese curds with marinara sauce. Of course some Wisconsin brewed beers are mandatory! Try a Tailgater; Half pound hamburger with bratwurst on top and huge order of French fries. Try a Farmhouse; Half pound hamburger with Canadian bacon and fried egg. These guys can eat a lot, but they met their match with these meals that had them crying uncle! We haven’t seen Marc for over a year. He looks like a mountain man, because he is one!

Did I mention we don’t spend a lot of money out here in Green Bay? You could say we don’t waste money. Fed 6 of us with beers for $120. Great service, great food, great beer for less money. You got to visit here.

Ben will hang out in New York before returning to New Zealand. Marc will work for a few months in a bar that Bob works at on Long Island. Then Marc heads out to California with his army buddies that need him as a physical assistant to help them due to war injuries. Marc returned from Iraq with no war wounds. He will be surfing by Santa Cruz and going to college with his army buddies.

Green Bay attitude is what makes USA great!

Green Bay attitude is what makes USA great!

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