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Do you know a burglar? Ask Putin

May 7, 2014

You see a burglar breaking into your neighbor’s house while they are home. You would call the police. Let’s say the police say they will deliver some food for your neighbor while they fight off the burglar. Would that make sense?

You know the guy who sent the burglars to the house. He offers to negotiate on what his burglar would accept to stop robbing more houses. Your neighbor has to move out and they will stop robbing more houses, he claims.

So John Kerry pretends to understand how to talk to Putin the boss of burglars he sent out to Ukraine. Our president Obama pretends to understand how to coordinate world leaders to force Putin to pull out his burglars.

Television “news” reporters spend a great deal of time offering free propaganda for Russia by showing jubilant burglars claiming another building they stole in Ukraine. Where are the television reporters talking to the victims of these burglars? Media is afraid of Russian thugs and is eager to be buddies for the burglars.

Our president is sending food to our global neighbor Ukraine to help fight off the burglars from Russia. There are no police coming to help. When you send diplomats, there are more people killed. Thousands of armed troops are effective burglars for Putin.

Putin announced he might consider a negotiated settlement! So the king of the burglars will negotiate what he is willing to keep from what he stole! Putin knows the weakness and cowardly response of the world leaders to his aggression. Get ready for his greedy quest for power to lead to a real war, after he is not satisfied with only concessions to appease him.

Russia celebrated May Day with military exercises inside Ukraine!

Russia celebrated May Day with military exercises inside Ukraine!

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