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May Day celebrated by Putin

May 1, 2014
Russia celebrated May Day with military exercises inside Ukraine!

Russia celebrated May Day with military exercises inside Ukraine!

May Day is always a great celebration in Russia. This year they are celebrating their military might inside Ukraine. A few more people are shot and a few more killed as these military exercises continue. This is not an invasion. It is a rescue mission by Putin to save Russian speaking citizens from their fellow citizens.

Russian propaganda is much better than Jay Carney does for our president. Thousands of masked paramilitary without any insignias are merely Ukrainian citizens trying to take over the cities for Russia. Putin does not seem too concerned on “boots on the ground” hysteria. There are boots, tanks, and a lot of guns are in Ukraine. Putin took a risk that Obama would unleash a military intervention. USA pledged military meals as support for the over run Ukraine military.

May Day for 2014 is the 1st recognized and approved military invasion by Russia without asking permission of USA to take Ukraine. Our response to murder and occupation is to talk about the rule of law and new international attitudes on consensus building.

Is there any mystery on how we let our ambassador get slaughtered in Benghazi? Any question why no rescue forces were sent to try to help? We just don’t want to rock the boat as terrorists and tyrants take what they want by brute force.

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