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Millennial generation abandoned by Obama

April 30, 2014

Candidate for president Obama promised much to the largest generation in the USA. Millennial men and women are eager and anxious to get their careers and their futures underway. After leaving school and entering the “real” world, they are confused. The promise of bright futures and great achievements are nowhere now. The millennials know they heard lies and empty promises now. President Obama has delivered on nothing for these young workers.

This generation is much more practical and focused on pursuing the American Dream. This generation is the most patriotic. Record enrollment into military service of these young patriots is the brightest hope of our country. They have seen class mates die in war, return wounded, and those returning intact cannot get employment. The current president is failing our future generation and ignores the real problems.

My oldest son has 2 army buddies that need physical assistance due to their wounds. He will live with them while going to college with them. He will provide assistance on stuff they cannot physically do any more. He worked at Big Sky ski resort in Montana, and is moving to California. These 3 young men are part of the millennial story. He looks forward to more surfing, mountain biking, and running. His buddies make me confident of our future. Army experience gives instant B.S. awareness and they know what is being shoveled their way from Washington D.C. now.

These people do not need to feel guilty on their lack of success they expected by now. These people need to keep the flame alive inside. Our country will blossom and grow by 2017 when president Obama is only a bad memory. The wreckage he leaves behind will be cleaned up in a decade.

Obama brags he has a pen and phone!  Where is the map to future?

Obama brags he has a pen and phone! Where is the map to future?

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