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Architect of Benghazi Diversion Strategy

April 29, 2014

When the bullets are flying, and our citizens are in peril for their lives, we expect our government to try to help them. With the Benghazi attack of our ambassador Stevens by mortars, rockets, and automatic weapons there was no attempt to help by our commander in chief. You can’t delegate personal responsibility to underlings! The bodies weren’t cold yet, and the plausible talking points were being debated within Obama’s inner sanctum.

JUDICIAL WATCH request through freedom of information act did get documents from request of October 2012. Ben Rhodes had a memo for preparing Susan Rice television appearances. It seems the creation of a video protest was necessary to divert attention from a failed foreign relations policy. Buddy Belk @LessGovMoreFun has posted this connection of staff intervening to contradict CIA field reports.

It is time to get the 2015 Congress to start the impeachment proceedings to answer for the deaths in Benghazi. This does not need to be a campaign issue for the 2014 election. The honor of our country is not subject to debate or any one party’s property. It is a valid question to confirm everyone in congress will commit to pursue the truth on the Benghazi killings cover-up.

What Benghazi cover-up?  It was the video.  No, it was the terrorists?

What Benghazi cover-up? It was the video. No, it was the terrorists?

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