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US Army needs sense of humor!

April 27, 2014

Combat exercises are serious. However, our soldiers need to keep a sense of humor. They probably know that Russia has 40,000 troops on Ukraine border plus mystery forces pretending to be protestors. US forces are 600 strong to conduct military exercise with Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Our military have seen their senior officers forced out. They know they are losing benefits they used to have before for their families. They learn about veterans dying waiting for treatment in VA hospitals. How is morale today?

Our Commander in Chief needs to focus on the men and women who sacrifice and face death when called upon to protect our country. Speeches are nice. Actions speak louder that the military can’t see anywhere.

These 600 could become the forces called to enter battle as Russia’s massing of troops is not just for show. The think tank crew from the university lads of Obama is always focusing on “unconventional” warfare. That means, tanks, heavy artillery, and large ground forces is out of date. Somebody has to tell China and Russia that update? The brain trust in place for our country lacks military experience. XBOX does not count as military experience.

1st Battalion, 503rd infantry regiment 2013 exercise Trident with Russia.

1st Battalion, 503rd infantry regiment 2013 exercise Trident with Russia.

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