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Twitter warfare! USA escalates!

April 26, 2014

In the last century, diplomacy was based on personal meetings to discuss issues in depth. Now, it seems complex issues need to fit into a Tweet! Brevity is the soul of wit per the bard Shakespeare. Maybe that is why our president relies upon professional Twitter staff to post his Tweets? Our president goes on, and on, and on, and on when talking.

#UnitedforUkraine is a meaningless forum that is a publicity stunt of Jennifer Psaki of State Department. Her expertise is in political propaganda for campaigning. Russia of course enjoys this battle front and has engaged us in Twitter wars! It seems our feelings are hurt that Russia taunts us and Tweets us on their contempt of USA diplomacy! I must admit that I am not only bewildered, but really concerned that our State Department is nuts! We killed RADIO FREE EUROPE that was the only voice citizens around the continent could get USA news. Most everyone has a radio, but not everyone can get a Twitter account in a captive controlled country.

Proficiency on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and selfies is the high threshold for public service! Our ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey R. Pyatt should prepare his own survival plan. Our Libya ambassador Stevens got dragged out and murdered. He relied upon the State Department for his security, and that didn’t work too well. Of course the State Department did not start a Benghazi Twitter account. Now we got a Ukraine Twitter account!

Does anybody care that our soldiers will wind up getting killed by wasting diplomatic time playing with Twitter nonsense? Failed diplomacy is always paid in blood by our soldiers. Without much fanfare USA sent one company of 150 soldiers to Poland. We sent one company of 150 soldiers to Lithuania. We sent one company of 150 soldiers to Estonia. We sent one company of 150 soldiers to Latvia. This meaningless gesture is so insignificant that the news media ignored it. The 40,000 Russian troops in uniform and thousands out of uniform wandering around Ukraine are not very scared of USA military escalation.

This woman escalated USA into Twitter war!

This woman escalated USA into Twitter war!

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