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Protesting Eric Holder by irate citizens grows!

April 25, 2014

Police cadets in Oklahoma City had citizens protesting on April 24. The citizens were not protesting their own sons and daughters graduating. They were protesting the honorary speaker Eric Holder. The local folk said it was “inappropriate” for a law breaker to speak to their police. Eric Holder is a coward. He won’t stand up for his actions as Attorney General. He was held in contempt for concealing Fast & Furious gun running to Mexico. 300 Mexicans died from drug cartel using Holder’s weapons to kill them. Our border agent was gunned down by our own guns!

This protest of course did not merit any mention or video on national commercial news media! The people are being denied recognition by our own news.

ERIC HOLDER WAS SCARED TO SHOW UP TO FACE CITIZENS! Our top law enforcement officer is seen as a bad example for police cadets by citizens. There are a lot of upset citizens on justice denied. Our Attorney General is sticking his nose in local state law enforcement. He can’t take the pressure of being held to account. Holder hides from his own illegal actions protested by citizens who know he is unfit to enforce our laws.

How long must we endure this corrupt and criminal Attorney General? The citizens are beginning to protest and demand an accounting.

Holder hiding from upset citizens!

Holder hiding from upset citizens!

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