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This feels like Watergate days

April 24, 2014

It feels like the Watergate era right now. There are too many political scandals on government abuse of power. Our weak economic recovery problems make people feel anxious. Nobody has optimism or enthusiasm for our future.

People vote with their money. Home sales and home construction are shrinking now. Full time employment is very weak. We don’t even have little things to brag about!

Government agencies more concerned on releasing felons from prison and releasing criminal illegal immigrants loose. Hundreds of thousands arrested for criminal activity will just be walking the streets? That sounds like a great plan? Would it make sense to have this structured so criminals only have crime to get money?

We happy with no problems using your money!

We happy with no problems using your money!

We have never got results from investigating fraud, graft, and waste inside the government. Mexico has lost over 300 citizens due to Fast & Furious illegal guns from Holder. Inspector General for HSA tipped off agency people on investigations! IRS has invisible fraud control on theft of our tax returns. IRS continues to harass political groups. Health insurance confiscation by government has everybody confused.

It is now 6 years of talking about improving the economy. We have had 6 years of attacking industries by regulations with more reports, forms, and reviews before anything gets done.

What president in modern times actually talks about “shovel ready jobs”? SHOVELS are from the 18th century economy. Anyway, our President is taunted by Russia leader Putin. Enemies ignore USA threats. Allies worry about the invisible power of the USA.

The millennial generation has not felt or seen how Watergate changed the mood of country. This feels like the Watergate days. Main difference is that commercial news media kept hounding Nixon. Current commercial news media is ineffective. The president should resign before his term is up.

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