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Does our government let us own property?

April 23, 2014

The Bureau of Land Management handling of a land dispute with rancher Bundy has made national news. What saddens me more, are the related stories coming to light on property being stolen by BLM. BLM made no payment to land “owner”, and the best is fines and levies owners HAVE TO PAY!

Rand Paul has spoken eloquently on a few anecdotes in Kentucky state conflict with federal BLM. Land management is now more like confiscation? Restrictions bind states from proceeding with state projects. BLM can haul state land owners into federal court?

This happened under our noses for the last 20 years. We were deaf dumb and blind to these federal swindles from land owners. The commercial news media does not want to get their fancy costumes dusty by actually visiting where Bundy ranches. FOX news did report from Nevada alone.

“Eminent domain” by federal government claims they are protecting desert tortoise. Federal preserve is killing off overpopulation of desert tortoise right now! BLM hired crew killed off brutally cattle of Bundy. WHY destroy cattle? We are stewards of our country and what rancher shoots up his cattle? The water pipes and water tanks were ruined but left as junk on the federal property by their hired help!

Ranchers and farmers feed the USA.

Ranchers and farmers feed the USA.

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