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Chicago shooting up Easter

April 20, 2014

Chicago was a good place to live when Eisenhower was president. The Chicago Sun-Times update their map of shootings in the city for this Easter weekend.

If we confiscated and collected all of the registered legal guns in Chicago, then the murders and shootings would remain unchanged. These are stolen or black market guns in the hands of criminals, gangs, and minors wanting to enter gangs. Anyway, the coddling and deals with gangs by the city has not accomplished anything.

I harken back to the days of old, when Chicago police had assigned neighborhood beat cops. You knew the cops on your beat, and they knew the families in the neighborhoods. The people would talk to the cops because they knew they stayed around. Now cops are cruising all over, but staying nowhere. When I was in Saint Rita high school, most of the parents of my class mates were police or firemen. Most of these sons, became police or firemen. The murder rate in Chicago was predictable back then. Certain gangland executions of mobsters were anticipated, drunks killing each other in argument, and the start of black gang members getting killed.

Today, the gangs have some turf wars to distribute drugs to rich suburban kids driving into the city, but now gangs delivers drugs to the suburbs. Gangs from Chicago are distributing drugs in Green Bay, Wisconsin now! Guns, drugs, prostitutes are traveling from Chicago in search of victims.

The crime spree of Chicago based criminals is an epidemic now. The mayor of Chicago from Obama’s inner circle is care taker of a failing pact with criminals. Chicago needs to consider the value of Wyatt Earp style neighborhood protectors. Federal money for community programs to bribe gang leaders is not helping. They are cowards that will spray bullets instead of facing directly anybody. Mobs of teen agers stealing in high rent districts, and drug dealing gangs are not being challenged!

Chicago shootings for Easter weekend.

Chicago shootings for Easter weekend.

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