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US starts flexing muscles!

April 19, 2014

The conquest of Crimea by Russia is complete. Now Russia is picking portions of Ukraine to liberate. The armed forces in Ukraine and on borders of Ukraine are estimated over 60,000 troops from Russia in uniform. Of course the citizens with ski masks and body armor are thousands in number and they might be Russian. Now the sleeping giant of the USA starts to stir!

We are going to have some military exercises in Poland and Estonia to flex our muscles. This will intimidate the inferior Russian Army by showing off the superior US Army! Obama has issued orders for 150 soldiers to display our military prowess! That is a reassuring demonstration on the depth of our resolve to protect our treaty allies! 150 soldiers against 60,000 Russian troops is hilarious! Obama sent over 150 armed federal forces to the Bundy grazing land dispute! And that was to face ranchers protesting!? I am so glad my son is not in active army right now. Our fearless leader has agreed to issue bullets too for these 150 soldiers! Do they have 60,000 bullets?

I hope that our commercial news media joins our troops for these military exercises! There will be more equipment from the television stations than our troops will have to show off our superior army. Putin will be very cautious now with our strong demonstration of military power. “Rapid Trident 2014” will take place in July. Putin will wait to be scared on this blatant threatening military exercise of US power!

1st Battalion, 503rd infantry regiment 2013 exercise Trident with Russia.

1st Battalion, 503rd infantry regiment 2013 exercise Trident with Russia.

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