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Democrats love dead people!

April 15, 2014

Democrats have legions of zombie voters. They are not dead, but they are not alive either. The zombies do not have identification cards. They have zombie helpers that are from the former ACORN community organization. Voting rights for dead people is very considerate!

If you want to collect any government benefits, then you need to show up with identification? Is that discriminating? Anyway, it is great that the dead can still be useful to elect Democrats with absentee votes and proxies’ voters. How about only allowing people to vote that can show up with a tax return they filed?

It is a voodoo ritual to bring back the dead to vote for Democrats!

It was funny to see the wealthy Democrat backers have the bums given cigarettes and beer to get bussed over to vote in Milwaukee in 2012. Of course illegal immigrants deserve their right to vote for more benefits too!

Let the dead vote!

Let the dead vote!

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