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Jay Carney proud husband and comrade!

April 13, 2014

The photography of Jay Carney and his family with Claire Shipman is political staging. The prominent visibility of his communist posters in his home seems to pay homage only to Russian propaganda. What’s wrong with Chairman Mao?

Carney family

Please note that his son is showing off his prowess at making breakfast, with the staged artificial expressions of mom and sister. I especially like the kitchen island overflowing with all types of food that would feed several families of their comrades. But worse, the pajamas don’t even have a wrinkle? Did they sleep in sack cloth, and then change into luxurious pajamas to show off?

The Soviet poster for comrades to join the army to kill capitalists is heart warming. We hope his children are studying Lenin and Stalin writings. Why wasn’t the Saul Alinsky book RULES FOR RADICALS prominently on display?

Carney Soviet poster

These photos are so staged they are the worst propaganda. These pictures are funnier than Chairman Mao swimming the Yang Tze River at age 80.

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