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Ranchers in Nevada treated like Indians!

April 12, 2014

The Nations of America have all a long history of USA changing boundaries on their native land. Treaties are meant to be broken by the USA with the native Indian nations. We can see now on national news how our Bureau of Land Management looks out for citizens in Nevada. The Bundy Ranch and their fellow ranchers see what government control of open range means.

The ranchers are now becoming an endangered species under the US government. BLM storm troopers are making Putin smile on how a democratic republic treats citizens. Maybe the ranchers need to go the UN in order to get some attention! Our government doesn’t care about the ranchers.

The bureau has over 8 million acres under their thumb just in the West! So the armed government agents are swarming one small part of the extensive land holdings in Nevada. If you didn’t know the people running the Bureau of Land Management, then you might think we are living in a police state. Just look at Geronimo’s story which is just one small part of USA shoving citizens around. It’s funny that some use “Geronimo!” as their battle cry. We can empathize and understand the warrior spirit when government intrusion and meddling tramples our rights.

So if everybody feels safe in their home, then remember the government can shove you out at the whim of some bureaucrat. What if they discover your property is the only known place for some endangered worm species? Yes, worms are more important than citizens. It seems we are all slaves of the federal bureaucrats that want to dream up more rules and regulations.

My hope is that we don’t let the ranchers be treated like Indians! We know how that worked out. Trusting our government today is a joke.

Geronimo met a president he could trust and marched in his inauguration parade. Teddy Roosevelt was a great president and a man of his word. Where is our Teddy Roosevelt today?

Chief Geronimo got to celebrate election of Teddy Roosevelt as President!

Chief Geronimo got to celebrate election of Teddy Roosevelt as President!

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