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“Don’t go there, buddy!”

April 10, 2014

Attorney General Eric Holder has done nothing worth mentioning while in office. It was nice of him to caution Congressman Louie Gomert to avoid trouble and “Don’t go there, buddy!” It was nice to be considered a buddy by the Attorney General. Friends like him I don’t need.

Louie is still anxiously waiting for information requested on Eric’s deadly operation known as “Fast & Furious”. Hey Louie, it’s only been a few years! Eric needs more time to do nothing. The guns distributed illegally to criminals by Attorney General have killed hundreds of Mexicans and one of our public servants. The president of Mexico suspected the guns were shipped by USA but of course our president denied any responsibility for what Eric does.

So Louie reminded Eric that he was cited in contempt of Congress, and the delays on requested material just confirm Eric ignores Congress as a pesky fly. My goodness, Holder cautioned Louie not to go there! It is an honor and privilege to rate a warning from the imperial Attorney General.

The IRS investigation is underway by Attorney General and no progress report. The Fast & Furious investigation was done and closed but the information if still being tracked down to release. There is no problem with the murders of our staff in Benghazi because he is not tracking down the killers.

Congressman Gomert knows he is not a “buddy” of do nothing Holder. Holder doesn’t like getting prodded to do his job by Gomert. Louie just wants his “buddy” Eric to do some work for once.

Seeking justice from lazy Attorney General!

Seeking justice from lazy Attorney General!

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