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Captain America The Winter Soldier

April 6, 2014

The battles of good versus evil from WWII were in the 1st Captain America movie. There was a lot of carnage, and the action led to the personal sacrifice chosen by Captain America to save the country he loved. The movie ended with Captain Rogers revived in our world today as a member of SHIELD.

The Winter Soldier movie has darker under currents at work that match our current events in the USA. Government secret agencies have operations that seem to promote our safety but are actually threats to our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The millennial generation can relate to the animosity of Captain America to anything tainted with perverting the basic rights of our freedom. Just trust the experts and don’t question their need for secrecy in protecting the USA is NOT justified.

The carnage in this movie is massive. However, the violence in the world today exceeds the violence and dangers most people would want to witness. What I especially connected is the personal suffering and post traumatic stress disorder issues met head on for our veterans today. Captain Rogers connects with a group of veterans coming to grips with surviving excessive combat experiences.

We can share the concerns of massive government funding of superficial patriotic projects that undermine and subvert our principles of freedom and justice. This movie has the right of civil disobedience to protect our liberties by battling against those subverting our rights through the use of our government resources to fund the subversion.

This movie has very intense action but does not lose the most important virtues of love, devotion, and friendship. The millennial generation of today does not trust our government and they are not paranoid. They see the truth that too many don’t want to get involved to protect our rights.

I see this movie as great entertainment, and an affirmation that the audience for this movie connect with Captain America challenging the power structure in the USA.

This comic book hero shows the spirit of USA.

This comic book hero shows the spirit of USA.

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