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USA needs to remember rabbits can attack!

April 4, 2014

Now with marketing of Easter in full swing, you see advertising chocolate rabbits and cartoons of funny looking rabbits dressed up. Not many of the children today ever heard of the rabbit attack on our president! Children need to learn that rabbits are not cute fuzzy little cuddly toys. They are dangerous and can attack!

My wife was very upset about a rabbit that was hiding on our property and always stealing her garden’s work by nibbling and stealing our vegetables. Our neighbor’s beagle chased the rabbit from under our gazebo and devoured the rabbit. The rabbit was gone, except for the head left lying near the gazebo. We celebrated the good work of the beagle!

Anyway, President Jimmy Carter was on a fishing expedition in the South and heard the coon hounds baying and chasing something through heavy woods. He was floating on his small fishing boat with his trusty casting rod fishing for his dinner. Suddenly the chase ended at the shore line as the hounds were howling in frustration as their prey jumped into the water. A fierce rabbit was paddling directly to President Carter! We don’t know if the rabbit was a Democrat or a Republican. We do know that suddenly our president recognized the danger he faced.

Since Jimmy reduced oil and gasoline supplies in the USA, he used oars on his boat. He grabbed an oar to whack the rabbit getting closer and closer to his boat. The Secret Service could not kill the rabbit without endangering Jimmy with bullets flying. Plus they were too busy laughing at Jimmy battling a rabbit shark.

Parents should insist that school children not be fooled and misled to think rabbits are cute and cuddly creatures. They will steal your food from the garden. They will attack a president. We need to take bunnies out of Easter folk lore. What the hell is the biological proof that bunnies lay eggs? The only thing bunnies manufacture is more bunnies and rabbit balls. We are proud and grateful that Jimmy Carter, who failed as a president, did fight off a swimming rabbit!

President Carter fought off attacking swamp rabbit! 4/20/1979

President Carter fought off attacking swamp rabbit! 4/20/1979

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