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GM hires Obama insider Ken Feinberg on road kills

April 2, 2014

Once again, the general public of the USA will watch our government treat General Motors as above the law. Our national transportation safety agency review process in Washington D.C. ignored the accident and death reports on the now infamous “ignition switch” failure. So the nameless faceless bureaucrats are not held accountable for failures on performance of duty.

Our administration never holds anyone accountable, until elections are coming near. So the new head of GM hires the ultimate insider of Washington that is a personal favorite of Obama, Ken Feinberg. Feinberg distributed some of the $20,000,000,000 from BP oil damages.

So the crumpled cars, dead drivers, and the deaths were not counted as GM defect. I know a lady that lost a son driving a Cobalt in a single car accident 3 years ago. She contacted GM asking why the air bag would not have worked when his car went off a road and impacted the ditch. She never got an answer. He is not listed as killed by vehicle defect. If his car was running, the air bag would have deployed. If his car was dead while rolling down the road by ignition switch failure, then the air bag is dead. He died.

We the tax payers bailed out GM because Obama wanted their union votes. Bond holders lost their money on bankrupt bonds. Union didn’t lose a nickel on pay or benefits. Now, tax payers are dead from car defect from GM. Well, that was defect from bankrupt filing GM so too bad. It’s fuzzy on liability of GM after bail out. What’s clear, is that GM will spend a fortune to avoid criminal prosecution on the dead drivers.

The Ken Feinberg addition to GM ensures a smooth conduit to Eric Holder, and all the powerbrokers in the Obama administration to avoid prosecution. It will cost money, but will justice be done? How about the $20,000,000,000 slush fund of Obama fine money? How much went to those harmed? How much is just floating around the Obama crew? No answers, no reports, and nobody bothers to report.

Ken likes handling large amounts of money!

Ken likes handling large amounts of money!

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