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Old fashioned principles not out of date

March 29, 2014

We have the drumbeat of Obama acolytes exhorting all to sign up for “affordable” health insurance. We all know the basic premise of insurance. You are giving money now for something that might happen anytime. After the money is gone with every insurance payment, it’s gone. If you are healthy and die in your sleep of old age, then all those years of payments were appreciated but get you nothing.

A lot of the young farmers I know don’t pay for health insurance. They will pay cash for any services needed from delivering a baby to mending a broken bone. How did the USA survive in the 19th century when we had no insurance for health? Why didn’t we face mass extinction? Medical research and treatments have made huge advances. If you don’t have enough money, then you die. If your insurance policy has restrictions on payments for certain services, then you die.

No health insurance can prevent anyone from dying of old age. That means your body stops working eventually. You can’t die of old age if you are broke and hungry for making payments on health insurance. Both of my parents died at home. Dad never went to a hospital for his whole life. Mom was never in a hospital for her whole life. I can’t tell if I will be the exception, but I won’t die worrying about my future health.

We all have to pay a penalty if we don’t sign up for government health “tax” per our Supreme Court. We got taxes if you are born, taxes if stay alive, and taxes when you die. We are blessed with taxes. I don’t see Obamacare helping anyone. I don’t see the need to pay for abortions or transgender operations. Doctors love following 48,000 new regulations in how to help patients courtesy of Sibelius.

crossing a bridge in glacier park without insurance!

crossing a bridge in glacier park without insurance!

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