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My army can beat your army!

March 27, 2014

Ukraine population celebrate army rations from USA is on the way! Our fearless leader knows our US army can beat the Russian army. But he sees no reason to deploy any troops to prevent invasion by Russian army. The inferior Russian army meanwhile continues to menace borders for their inferior occupation by armed conquest. Our superior army could have beat Russia, but our army is furnishing food for the over run Ukraine army.

Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania can look forward to conquest by an inferior Russian armed invasion soon. Does our president realize that deploying our army takes months to get them ready for European battle fronts? Obama can send in as many drones as he wants. Drones do not stop any army whether inferior or superior.

When the Russian invasion is in full blitzkrieg attack, we don’t have any response because we won’t even prepare for the threat to NATO. Looks like we are surrendering while claiming to having a superior army? Putin looks at the time he as to accomplish his conquest. Putin has 21 months until USA gets a real leader in the White House.

We can have Eric Holder serve papers to Putin to show up in court in the USA? How about sending Holder to serve the papers in person? Anyway, Obama doesn’t bother himself dealing with tactics of conquest by armed force. That is so old fashioned. Putin would have feared Romney. Putin can’t seem to see the world like Obama. Obama keeps talking and Putin keeps taking.

Fond memory moment with Putin stealing more from Obama on missiles.

Fond memory moment with Putin stealing more from Obama on missiles.

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