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Bill Gates joins Luddites?

March 26, 2014

The discussion on minimum wage employees pay scale included an interesting observation of billion Bill Gates. His opinion is that escalating minimum wage will accelerate digital and robot replacements. Excuse me for laughing at this stupidity of Gates.

On line direct digital activity for banking, retail shopping, investing, reading, etc. has nothing to do with replacing minimum wage people. We have become a 24 hour anytime of day, any day of year instant service addicts. I can wait for a store to open to check out and see merchandise in person. I can wait for my credit union to open to go to a teller.

Automated Tell Machines (ATM) are everywhere and the millennial generation grew up only knowing these machines. The point is that people expect and demand convenience and services at anytime and any day.

People that do manual work will not be replaced by automated robots to counter higher wages. Automation takes place to increase production using robotic welding, robotic warehouses, and robot assembly lines. Convenience store clerks, and food service help have use of digital tools but replacing by a robot makes no economic sense.

Anyway, it seems funny that the justification to keep people working is to keep low wages. OR BE REPLACED BY A MACHINE! Bill you are a dimwit and seem oddly connected to Luddites’ thinking! If McDonald’s sells billions of burgers in a year, you can be assured McDonald’s has investigated robotic applications where economically feasible. Your billionaire bridge player buddy Buffet and you know McDonald’s because you guys always eat there during tournaments!

Minimum wage jobs replaced by robots?

Minimum wage jobs replaced by robots?

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