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Cowards cause wars hiding from conflicts

March 24, 2014

Since when has the USA made it a habit to hide from trouble? We have a earnest and timid president with failing diplomacy. Jimmy Carter seems bold in comparison to our policies in diplomatic relations today. Carter uses hand written communication in letters instead of getting hacked on internet by NSA. Jimmy did not reveal if he is using code in the letters!?

Anyway, China is concerned on the confirmation that NSA has been hacking into their internet servers to rummage around for intelligence on military, etc. So China can posture and protest in public with our president fumbling and bumbling in front of our allies also hacked by NSA. US companies would be wise to consider the backdoor access by China into information systems using Lenovo company bought from IBM years ago.

Economic sanctions, embargoes are not bullets and bombs. These economic measures of punishment do start wars. Japan sent negotiators to USA on 3rd year of embargo talks, while the fleet was cruising to attack our Pear Harbor. Obama has taken 5 years on approving Keystone Pipeline, and Canada is not a sanctioned country! Our president can’t decide or choose anything of importance for USA. Russia will not endure economic sanctions without retaliation that can become violent.

Cowards anticipate that sanctions, embargoes, and tough talk will not light the fuse of war. Woodrow Wilson ran on a peace platform and got us into WWI. FDR dragged out Japan negotiations to the point of total frustration in Japan that chose war instead. Of course our president will rely upon the same proven tactics that started both of our Word Wars! Obama is pushing our opponents into war by his weak diplomacy. John Kerry assured Putin that we don’t “personally” hold him responsible for the killing, torture, and intimidation going on in Ukraine. I don’t want a World War, but I guess our timid president will follow presidents Wilson and Roosevelt path to war for USA.

President pretends to ignore complaints at home and abroad.

President pretends to ignore complaints at home and abroad.

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