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Putin tortures to prove he’s right!

March 23, 2014

It’s entertaining to make fun of Putin and Obama phone calls. The torture and murder behind the scenes in Ukraine is not funny. The playbook of KGB remains the same today as from the days of Stalin. The political officer decides who must be a traitor in Ukraine and then arrests people in his witness list to confirm the suspicion.

A “witness” may have no idea what the purpose is of his or her imprisonment. You get tossed into a cold dark cell. You get to hear other witness screams and crying in agony during interrogation. Then you get your moment to be the witness. I don’t need to get into the graphics but they are brutal, bloody interrogators who enjoy inflicting lethal pain. Most of my family died in Russian labor camps and some chose crude methods of suicide to end their pain. If they can’t get the pleasure of personally torturing you, then they will simply starve you to death in large groups freezing to death without any shelter.

The Putin story line is that the USA sent in secret agents to get the Ukraine people to change government rule. Putin will make this story true by getting “confessions” with blood, murder, and torture until someone testifies to prove his suspicion. Killing hundreds of people means nothing to Putin. He is prepared to stack up millions of dead to get his way. Of course our reaction is; “No way! That is from old story books of crazy dictators. He won’t do this!”

People will continue to disappear and suffer in Ukraine in his propaganda war. We will laugh and dismiss this as propaganda. However, the people dragged in for this story will not be saved. They suffer and die for Putin propaganda story.

Alexander Putin loses no sleep over torture and murder.

Alexander Putin loses no sleep over torture and murder.

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