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Hillary secret weapon!

March 23, 2014

Feminine charms can always trick us gullible guys. However, the wink from Hillary Clinton is creepy, not sexy. She looks like a crazy lady.

It will never happen, but if Hillary does become president, then I want Tammy Baldwin as VP!

We got a sense of humor, but what we got in the USA is not funny anymore. The few allies we have around the world would start laughing at us with Hillary as our fearless leader. She is a shrieking witch. Bill Clinton has to be some strange dude to remain married in name only to her.

All I need to know about Hillary is her reaction and hiding from the Benghazi attack on her diplomatic staff. “What difference does it make?!” She got a ticket straight to hell the minute she dies. Bill won’t waste money on trying to fill the church with paid mourners. Just bury her with her missing billing records for illegal work as lawyer.

Did somebody spit in her eye?

Did somebody spit in her eye?

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