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USA living in a dream world of president

March 15, 2014

The blood shed, lives lost, and tyrannical rule in many countries are ignored by our fearless leader. The children, parents, and young people dying in the quest of liberty have no champion in the USA anymore. Iran citizens called out, and were ignored. Now we have to deal with nuclear weapons in Iran very soon. Syria called out, and we talked and promised help that never arrived. Now we have to live with a tyrannical leader still butchering and bombing his citizens. Ukraine had a treaty from President Clinton pledging our defense from invasion. Russia knew that we are sleeping in a dream world of rainbows and flowers of our president’s imagination.

There is no “leader of the free world” anymore!

Vladimir Putin has effectively made the USA invisible and silent. Oh yes, we have speeches and a lot of meetings!! While the booted invader soldiers oversee a “free election” in Crimea, we talk. Putin sent in secret civilian protestors to create violent confrontations before Putin had to declare his need to protect the citizens from his agents of anarchy. We watch and talk. This is how wars start! Diplomacy means the president has to protect and preserve treaty rights by intervening diplomatically before the soldiers march in! IT IS TOO LATE!

Putin will NEVER retreat from Crimea. He will slowly strangle all of Ukraine as we continue to hold meetings. Putin will NEVER accept our sanctions that hurt his economy. Japan didn’t like our sanctions and started WWII. The odds are we are doomed for a world war, with the weakest president in my life time. He is purposely weakening our military to levels pre WWII. We are prepared to surrender before the battles begin.

Our only hope is to impeach the president for his crimes in 2015 with our newly elected senators and congressmen in office. There is not much time left to keep the world free. It’s too late already to keep it safe. A war weary USA must sacrifice more thanks to our president’s failures.

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