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Marijuana is good for hemp rope only

March 13, 2014

Yes, I am a baby boomer. No I am not claiming I went to Woodstock. Yes, I did not inhale! Marijuana “pot” heads in college in my day had scrambled brains. They could not say anything original, and only repeated incorrectly the Timothy Leary nonsense on expanding consciousness with all kinds of junk. I might have bought it, but they were unconscious when they were talking to me.

Nobody takes advice anyway, so I won’t give. Anyway we got Michelle Obama and her man child spouse giving the millennial generation all kinds of nonsense advice! The draft dodgers, (Yes, Virginia Uncle Sam wants you!), lousy musicians, and coffee house intellectuals saw our country becoming a police state under a brutal military regime. Those morons I left in 1972 are now correct. It took a while, but their drug induced paranoia and conspiracy theories, are now correct!

So for all of you planning a vacation for your brain in Colorado puffing on a hookah, just be patient. MAYBE your predictions of 2014 might come true in 42 years? The majority of my college class did not get into the fake intellectual elite attitude and are fine. The few hard core pot heads are now dead or living way under their potential they puffed away 42 years ago.

So here we are stuck with a drug using man child in our White House giving all kinds of advice. Seems like I am back in the college student union coffee house with the drug addled intellectual elite from 1972 again. I know we should not judge anything or say anything is wrong about our fearless leader, because he is an Afro-American. That does not give anybody a free pass to be an idiot and expect us to follow his moronic babbling. Michelle probably would not even have gone out with our president when he was busy huffing and puffing his junk in his locked up records of college years.

So to the millennial generation, I know you all are getting the worst years of your life now. From 2001 until 2014, you have seen the country go through a lot of confusing problems. Using drugs or pot makes you pretend things are better, while you are getting into worse shape. Hard to raise your consciousness if you are dead or passed out. But I do have sympathy. It takes courage to endure suffering and hardship. The last 12 years have been brutal.

I worked at TIME during the Watergate years of scandal and upheaval. It felt like the end of the USA to somebody learning to live in the adult world. Don’t be afraid, the USA survived Nixon, and we can survive impeaching Obama too.

I would change one slogan of my generation. “Don’t trust anyone over 30!” Listen to folks who you think have it together that have gray hair. Free advice!

We 3 kings with shopping carts out on the town! Got a joint?

We 3 kings with shopping carts out on the town! Got a joint?

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