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Putin secret weapon is his telephone!

March 9, 2014

Vladimir Putin has great insights into breaking people by intimidation and torture from his KGB days. Putin knows he can drive our president into fits by a simple weapon. Putin can use his telephone!

We have been told by our White House spokes person on the long phone calls Obama initiated to Putin. One phone call was for 90 minutes! Another phone call was 60 minutes. So now Putin has the opportunity to have some phone fun. Put in a call to Obama when he is on the golf course now in Florida. Keep him on the phone for 120 minutes. Yes this is phone call escalation! Give the president another call in a celebrity party thrown by White House to drag Obama away from his own party at our expense.

Vladimir Putin can visit the USA and spend time on THE VIEW, and throw some celebrity parties with Russian caviar, vodka, at Obama’s favorite vacation spots. Last but not least, Putin can travel with the tax exile Gerard Depardieu. This is a new century, and a new millennium for tyrants and despots to stake their claim to fame! Don’t rule out this KGB killer using his organized criminals to wreak havoc in our country and pretend he has no idea how Target got hacked.

Russia seen as tax haven compared to socialist France!

Russia seen as tax haven compared to socialist France!

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