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What our enemies know of USA weakness

March 2, 2014

We will not use nuclear weapons in war. Our president made that declaration years ago. So China and Russia know we are vulnerable in denying a strategic weapon to be used. Our enemies may or may not choose to use nuclear weapons, but we don’t know.

A foreign aggression with army and navy forces can overwhelm our diminished numbers. China got a few more in military than USA. Russia and China doing joint war games presents a real potential alliance to take over the USA. Putin has been sending his military leaders to coordinate with China on military exercises together. Of course our president knows that USA will never be attacked, because…?

VP candidate Palin in debate told Biden that Senator Obama would not support any action on Russia invading Georgia territory was dangerous. Palin told Biden Russia would be emboldened to take over Ukraine, back in 2007! Obama ignored Palin and her warning. Does Obama actually do any work himself? Does he bring in advisers to review scenario studies of potential threats to USA and allies? Kerry and Hagel are really dim and political hacks.

So if our opposition heard the president declare he would NEVER use nuclear weapons in conflict, then they focus on their conventional military to beat USA! We are reducing military readiness because…..?

Social security benefits and food stamps aren’t important if we USA is conquered! Of course, that is ridiculous! We can never lose! Unless we surrender by doing nothing to protect ourselves before we even get attacked?

Putin at military planning council in China.  They are planning a picnic for USA.

Putin at military planning council in China. They are planning a picnic for USA.

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