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Obama 90 minute phone call to Putin?

March 2, 2014

Add this footnote to trivial pursuits. What happens when Ukraine is invaded by Russia? Obama keeps Putin hostage on the telephone for 90 minutes! That was torture!

Vladimir heard about some juicy gossip on Beyoncé and where Obama is planning his next vacation. Obama heard Putin tell him to sit down and keep quiet. Maybe Obama did hear Putin use the toilet as his phone call was flushed down?

So Obama GAVE AWAY a missile defense shield that Bush spent 8 years to get approval and signed as treaty for our allies in Europe. Obama has great insights into music, karaoke performances, and vacation planning. Obama has NOBODY on his staff that understands enforcing military force without starting a war. Guess what the COLD WAR did? It protected us and allies WITHOUT A SHOOTING WAR! The missile shield can’t be put in place at this time, and hey we don’t have money to set it up now anyway. The LGBT “Gay Pride” initiative for military budget has increased and missile money is gone.

Obama, Kerry, and Hagel are the 3 stooges. The world now understands how nobody is in charge, except Putin. We are the world’s wealthiest, strongest country and Obama has focused on tying down our energy industry while kicking the employers into the gutter. Let our country do what it does best! Get the hell out of our way mister president. We know what to do.

If your phone ID shows Obama is on the phone, DO NOT ANSWER!

(Oh yeah, 9/11/2001 attack was a spontaneous demonstration against USA laughing at Islam beliefs. It was OUR FAULT! DO NOT PROFILE ISLAM AS THREAT FOR USA!)

Get my golf clubs ready!

Get my golf clubs ready!

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