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Putin shaking in his boots!

March 1, 2014

It’s the unique spirit of the people of the USA to root for the underdog. WE ARE THE UNDERDOG! It’s no joke that the world misses the strength of leadership they relied upon from the USA. Our president is too busy giving speeches and golfing. President Eisenhower played a lot of golf and nobody messed with the USA. Eisenhower was a better golfer and a hell of a poker player for real.

Everybody saw USA walk away from Syria threat of “red line” by Obama. North Korea is still doing whatever they want to become a nuclear weapons power. Iran continues on their quest for nuclear weapons. China is claiming restrictions for air traffic and naval embargo around Japan territory. Obama ran away from missile shield for European allies because it might make Putin mad. We don’t have allies, because they can’t trust the USA to do anything except make speeches.

What if Putin conquers the world without a fight? Ukraine people don’t expect anything from USA except talk. People in Venezuela and Ukraine are fighting for their lives to be free by dying. That is the spirit that set the Revolution of the colonies we used to be. FREEDOM DOES NOT WAIT FOR PERMISSION! FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM DOES NOT WAIT.

Iran sent a naval destroyer to blockade the US navy in our territory because they laugh at us. We are disarming our military to spend more money for Obama vacations and caviar parties. China and Russia are arming and stealing our weapon technology by spies. Obama, defense secretary Hagel, and secretary of state Kerry are all we got to look out for all of us in USA? WE ARE DOOMED! The world knows we are a paper tiger led by an empty suit.

Our sons and daughters in the military have won many wars. We have shed a lot of our own blood in many wars. We have walked away from military victories to let the enemy claim the battlefield by failed leadership. Why fight and die under Obama? He’ll give it all away and claim a victory in more speeches.

Obama brags he has a pen and phone!  Where is the map to future?

Obama brags he has a pen and phone! Where is the map to future?

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