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We love fast cars and Daytona 500 is bigtime!

February 23, 2014

USA loves to drive fast. We love heroism and patriotism. Daytona 500 is the whole package. Drivers risk life and limb to run fast enough to win. Enjoying spending today with the high definition broadcast of a race I got to visit in person. Indy 500 is awesome too, but that is a long way away from now! Have enjoyed going to the races there and love seeing the USA having fun together.

There are a lot of interesting driver stories for Daytona, including local hometown driver Matt Kenseth! All of these drivers have devoted a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get an opportunity to race for the winning flag. The USA fans are making sacrifices of family budget, because these events aren’t cheap! We put our money where our hearts lead us.

Just so glad there is no President Obama video that interferes with my enjoying the race. No Obama bets on the race on Twitter, and Michelle not asking “knucklehead” young adults to listen to her Obamacare advice. Thank you Jesus for an Obama free event!

Great to see so many fans at Daytona. They skipped an invocation this year? God bless the drivers and the race fans! Glad weather looks good for race, too!

Daytona 2013 race picture.

Daytona 2013 race picture.

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