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First Lady calls young women “knuckleheads” ha ha

February 22, 2014

In the world view of our President and his first Lady, the future leaders of the USA are mere children. These “children” have endured and survived their “adult” life suffering under the failures and foolish leadership of President Obama. These “children” have volunteered in service in our military. These “children” died fighting for our freedom.

In Venezuela a young beauty queen Genesis Camona was shot and murdered this month protesting the oppressive Madura regime. She was fighting for her freedom with thousands of her age. She showed courage, conviction, and the brutality of Madura claimed a young woman of promise for Venezuela. The citizens endure more rampant crime with a government that refuses to protect the people. Now the government uses criminal means to silence protest.

Maybe the first lady needs to open her eyes to the struggles of these “knuckleheads” beyond getting free birth control under Obamacare. The young leaders around the world are being killed by oppressive and inept governments. From Iran, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, China, Russia and maybe soon in the USA, the young leaders challenge the lazy autocrats presume they are dictators.

Michelle Obama is beyond her capabilities to instruct and lecture the young leaders of our country. She is an old AARP busy body sticking her nose into too many families. The new leaders of our country have survived more hardship in their young years than Michelle ever had to deal with.

She died without a ripple from our White House.

She died without a ripple from our White House.

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