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Canada knows Obama postponing Keystone Pipeline!

February 20, 2014

Our president knows how to make neighbors and allies mad! Canada was promised during 2012 campaigning for our president that Obama was ready to take action! It is now 2014, and of course our president got a pen and a phone but no action.

Unfortunately, now the Keystone Pipeline research and reports are out of date because they are over 4 years old now. We need to start all over, but just hang in there Canada!

Lets consider we are hot on a project that needs Canada to give us permission. Now, is it possible Canada might take their time to repay us for lying to them? Excuse me, president didn’t lie. His idea of taking action is different than most folks. It used to be a stereotype in the past that some ethnic groups were not seen as swift at working. There was a movie character “lightning” that was as slow as sap dripping from a tree. I enjoyed Amos and Andy and the character of lightnin’ was in good fun.

Our president is NOT doing this for fun. He’s doing nothing because he is lazy and can’t do any work. So Canada, welcome to the world of Obama. Nothing happens and nothing gets done while we study stuff and review the studies.

Amos and Andy was great fun.  Barack and Michelle not funny.

Amos and Andy was great fun. Barack and Michelle not funny.

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