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Majority of US citizens don’t like Broccoli!

February 18, 2014

You can’t make me feel guilty or selfish for eating what I like to eat. I don’t like broccoli. If you blend some into my cheese dip or something, I don’t care. I won’t eat Broccoli! I refuse to eat Broccoli!

The busy body do gooders will accuse me of corrupting our children. The president may appoint a panel on investigating if Broccoli haters are racist bigots.

This example is silly, and I know it. I am weary of the silly name calling on all sides of public discourse. I was on a debating team, and even in heated debate nobody stooped to name calling.

The public is tired of name calling and lack of respect for our elected officials. The public is weary of hands off approach to paper shuffler bureaucrats that laugh at the tax payers while kicking them down. We are tired of lies and deceit. “I didn’t say that, but I meant to say this!” “What difference does it make if they were killed in Benghazi!?”

I don’t like Broccoli. Leave us Broccoli haters to be free of slander and persecution! Hey, how about letting common folk citizens create a group called TEA Party without silly insults?

This hobo declares my life a Broccoli clear zone! I am a TEA Party guy too!


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